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Trans-America Services Inc.

Trans-America Services Inc. is a family business opening in the field of finance especially in foreign exchange. Founded in 1997, Trans-America Services is the first institution to operate in the financial and foreign exchange market in Quebec. Our branch is located at 905 Belanger Street East in Montreal, Quebec.

Financial services include currency exchange, check cashing and money transfers around the world. We are certified by the Autorité des Marché s Financiers of Quebec (9055-3272 Québec Inc.), as well as FINTRAC. Thanks to our certified staff, we offer a personalized, professional service of the highest quality. We are not just a bureau de change, we are a partner who cares about the quality and safety of every transaction . Thus, we make sure not to break the built trust with our customers.

We are a constantly evolving company, so we are open to new service ideas for the convenience of our customers. The customer is one more partner in our company and that is why his need and satisfaction is our priority.

Our Mission

  • Maintain our excellence and competitiveness in the foreign currency exchange service as well as in the financial services of the market through our personalized, safe and qualified services.
  • Provide ongoing training to our employees to improve service to our customers.
  • Always work in accordance with the laws in force and future of Canada, to protect our customers from financial risks.
  • Offer market rate mayors to our customers.

Our vision

  • Become a leader at the national and international level to implement better quality standards on our services.
  • Offer new lines of services that will increase the satisfaction and comfort of our customers.
  • Open new branches to enhance the effectiveness of our current and future services.

Our values

Always serve the customer by following our philosophy that is based on this enumeration:

  • Optimal quality of our services to the customer
  • Respect
  • Efficiency
  • Responsibility
  • Honesty
  • Serious
  • Personalized services
  • Integrity
  • Harmony
  • Dedication
  • Excellence