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Trans-America offers a very diversified range of services ranging from currency exchange rates to minute recharge services on your phone. Offering exceptional quality of service to its customers , Trans-America guarantees you a pleasant and unforgettable customer experience.

For currency exchange, you will not find another office that gives you as much for your money call (514)-273-9959 immediately.

Money transfer

Money transfer Thousands of people trust Trans-America Services Inc. to transfer money to loved ones. Our network has more than 400,000 wickets in more than 150 countries. We offer the best price, the transactions are available in minutes in the window of your preference. Compare our exchange rate online or by contacting us at (514) 273-9959.

Sale and purchase of foreign currency

Sale and purchase of foreign currency We offer different foreign currencies and the best exchange rate of the market. Book the divides with us at no cost and no commission. Exchange rates are subject to change without notice. Online bookings only reserve currencies but not exchange rates. Consult the list of our currencies and book online without delay or by contacting us at (514) 273-9959.

Consumers can count on our practical advice, competitive rates, no fees or commissions.

Currencies and rates


Check cashing

Check cashing Whether it is a check payable to your name, It only takes a few minutes to cash them!

Certain conditions apply, please contact us or visit us at our branch for more information.

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International Calling

Cell Refill Our toll-free long distance phone service lets you make calls to anywhere in the world without entering an ID number. Simply enter the numbers you want to call, then dial our toll-free or local access numbers and enter your destination number. It's that simple!

Sign up today if you want to reduce your long distance telephone bills by up to 70%.

International mobile recharge
Add funds to prepaid phones from friends and family around the world. It's simple, safe and instant.


Prepaid Visa Card

Prepaid Visa Card Take full advantage of the benefits of a credit card, no interest, no debt, no refusal.